Antimalware PC Safety Uses Fake Online Scanner to Scam Naive PC Users

March 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A new removal report recently released by reveals many aspects of Antimalware PC Safety and its underlying scam. The scam rendered by Antimalware PC Safety was exposed to researchers to be harmful to trusting or inexperienced PC users. These methods delivered by Antimalware PC Safety include counterfeit pop-up warnings and system scans populated with erroneous malware results.

Diving deeper into Antimalware PC Safety and its purpose, it has been found that Antimalware PC Safety was specifically created to extort money. Even though Antimalware PC Safety has a rather clean red, white and pinkish colored interface, it is not a trusted source.

Under the skin of Antimalware PC Safety lies the harmful intent to influence computer users, so they may spend their money on a program that fails to fulfill its promised malware-removing duties. This is the unfortunate case of many rogue anti-spyware programs, not only Antimalware PC Safety. Antimalware PC Safety is actually part of a family of rogueware including one that goes by the name of Windows Antihazard Solution.

As a clear visual representation of how Antimalware PC Safety infects a computer, has provided a YouTube video posted below. Moreover, the video will demonstrate how easy it can be to remove Antimalware PC Safety from a PC using the proper resources.

Antimalware PC Safety may become annoying to a PC user, which is part of the aggressive scam rendered by Antimalware PC Safety. The annoyance primarily comes from the misleading pop-up messages and phony system scans. As a cure-all, has provided the necessary resources for removing Antimalware PC Safety. These resources range from a useful anti-malware tool, to a list of corresponding files to find and remove manually from a PC. The full Antimalware PC Safety removal report, including these resources, may be found at: