puts icing on the cake with the launch of fantastic 4 features

March 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bayut puts its best foot forward with the launch of four of its priceless services. Real-time Market Price, along with a set of three other services, has formed the subject of its latest newsletter. With the launch of these new tools, the site stays true to its promise of providing its widespread clientele with the best of services. Bayut, as well as being the prime Dubai real estate website, is also a mini hub of some of the most advanced market tools that help you increase efficiency for several of your real estate related tasks. The journey of Bayut, from the beginning till now, is loaded with achievements.

A glimpse of just how far the site has come is evident in its ever expanding property listings as well as improved and highly competitive services. These services and tools, like Real-time Market Price and Mortgage Calculator, have helped the site become the top Dubai real estate portal in operation today. Real-time Market Price, as you can tell by the very name, gives you the average of the current prices of UAE and/or Dubai rentals and property. In the terms of its usability for general buyers and sellers, it is possibly the best and handiest market tool you would find on the web. Dubai is a city where whether you're buying or selling property, you are required by law to go through an agent.

More often than not, sellers hardly ever know what is going on in the market. Although it does not generally happen but some agents could take undue advantage of unsuspecting clients and get them to sell properties for cheaper. You can avoid getting yourself into such an undesirable situation with the help of Bayut's Real-time Market Price as it lets you know exactly what is going on in the market. With the facts and figures offered by this powerful tool, you can now get a rough estimate for the value of your or any other property in any particular area in the UAE or Dubai real estate.

Other than this remarkable tool, Bayut also brings you the Mortgage Calculator. This is a simple to use feature, which, with the help of a little information, helps you calculate monthly instalments of your mortgage. This calculator will come in handy when you're planning your budget. According to the newsletter, these genius tools are accompanied by two other simple yet time saving tools. Bayut adds to your ease by giving you the option of saving your searches on the site. By giving the members this option, Bayut allows them to save plenty of time by avoiding repeating their searches. So the next time you can't study the search results due to time constraints, you can just save it quickly and take a look at the search results later. Property Alerts is also handy for those looking for Dubai property. Each time a property matching your criteria is uploaded on Bayut, the tool generates an email alert. Both of these tools are designed to help save time for our members, making the process of sifting through information a whole lot easier for them.

With an ever expanding property listing, the increased traffic of both buyers and sellers is a reflection of the robust market activity on Bayut. The launching of these tools was not only demand of the time but also that of the site's increasing members. It is timely and smart moves like these which have paved the way for Bayut to become a power to be reckoned with in Dubai real estate.


Bayut is a leading Dubai real estate portal operative in the UAE. What sets the real estate specialist site apart from the other UAE real estate websites is the plethora of services and features it offers to its members. Over the years, Bayut has grown to be much more than a connecting platform for buyers and sellers. The site now offers a community forum, giving its members direct access to market experts.