March 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Buffalo, NY March 22, 2012 With the recent additions of Connecticut, Ohio and Washington D.C., BidURenergy (BUE) now operates as a licensed energy supply consultant in every competitive American arena securing the lowest energy rates for its clients.

In deregulated energy markets, consumers are able to procure their natural gas and electricity through a third party supplier rather than through the utility company. The energy procurement process can be complex but BUE, an independent company working for its clients and not for any supply company, helps clients navigate the system to obtain the lowest rates on their utility bills. For more information on deregulation visit, which includes an interactive map displaying all the states in which BUE is licensed to operate and which energy markets (electric and/or gas) are deregulated.

"We are right on schedule to launch our Global Accounts Division this spring, which will be geared toward multi-national firms aiming to consolidate their energy management processes. This is a very exciting time for us," remarked Daniel Twichell, CEP and Lead Analyst at BidURenergy, Inc.

As one of the nation's leading energy supply consultants, BUE has not only established an award-winning auction platform that yields its clients millions of dollars in savings on their utility bills, but has also worked in conjunction with its sister companies to bring ancillary energy saving opportunities to its clients. These services include demand response programs, energy audits, bill auditing, as well as lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency projects. Together, BidURenergy and its sister companies service thousands upon thousands of business clients ranging from industrial facilities to healthcare, educational, commercial, and retail facilities.

About BidURenergy, Inc. - BUE is an electricity and natural gas consulting firm with thousands of clients across the nation, specializing in energy procurement auction administration.