– A Fresh Spin on Crowd-Sourced Product Reviews Launches March 22nd

March 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The co-founders, Chris Rempel and Matthew Chitty, of a new crowd-sourced product review site announced that the site was launched March 22nd and can be found at

In today's economy, consumers are depending more and more on online peer reviews. Crowd-sourced review sites like gather information from other consumers, giving prospective buyers a candid insight into their potential purchases. The importance and relevance of this kind of customer-to-customer communication is only increasing. In a poll conducted by the Kelsey Group, three quarters of the people polled said that they were influenced by online product reviews.

Where Ukritic differs from its conventional competitors, though, is that it lets its contributors keep the lions share of revenue that might be generated by their published reviews.

"As yet, there is no focused product review network (such as or that gives their own members the capability to earn commissions from their recommendations. Sure, some sites share the ad revenue from those pages, but typically that is going to be a lot less rewarding than being compensated for referrals which is how some of these review sites make a lot of their money." says Rempel, CEO and Marketing Director of Ukritic Ventures, Inc.

It's not a free-for-all, however. Ukritic's contributors have to pass not only Ukritic's moderation rules but they must contain relevant, credible information in reviews of a minimum of 600 words and must also pass plagiarism tests. Reviewers build up to an expert status and can earn passive income through affiliate commissions as their product reviews, or "krits", become trusted by the site visitors.

Rempel goes on to say, "The opportunity for earning income depends on the demand for the product being reviewed, the quality of the content and other unknown or uncontrollable factors that we simply attribute to search engine weirdness but the potential is certainly there. Contributors will find that being thorough and brutally honest about products their peers actively research will produce the best results." has an easy to use web-based built-in publishing interface complete with social media sharing, search engine optimization, statistics and click-through tracking. There are no membership or user fees. Rempel says, "The interface is so simple that both young and old can master it in a matter of minutes."

About is a web-based review site supported by independent product reviewers. Its focus is to provide real, honest, credible product reviews, while also helping its members build up passive income through affiliate commissions.

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