New Crowd-Sourced Product Review Network Launched Yesterday, Already Growing

March 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
March 23, 2012 - Yesterday Chris Rempel and Matthew Chitty, co-founders of Ukritic Ventures, Inc announced the launch of their new crowd-sourced product review network. The new website can be found at

In just one day, several members have already joined, and have begun testing out the review publishing platform.

And with 61% of people now relying on user reviews before making a purchase decision (according to RazorFish), these new members stand a good chance of having their reviews make a real impact on consumers.

The goal of is to allow members to give independent product reviews, build credibility as reviewers and earn residual income (via affiliate marketing) as a result of their recommendations.

Completely web-based and easy to use, Ukritic boasts that anyone, even a "grandma", can share their product experiences and opinions by using the intuitive interface, and following the easy to understand training modules that walk you through step-by-step to creating world-class reviews in no time. The built-in publishing interface complete with rich media integration (such as embedding videos and images) makes posting compelling product reviews a snap.

Ukritic's contributors are encouraged to write meaningful reviews, or "krits", of a minimum of 600 words. Whether members will earn affiliate commissions all depends on the demand for the product being reviewed, the quality of their content and their promotional activities. Ukritic says it also depends on "other unknown/uncontrollable factors that we simply attribute to search engine weirdness."

"The bottom line is that we're not looking for volume. We're looking to build a trusted network of quality reviews, even if that means rejecting the majority of content that gets submitted to moderation" says Rempel, CEO of Ukritic Ventures, Inc. "In fact, this conservative approach only helps our contributors in the long run because being brutally honest and highly detailed with your reviews is absolutely the most profitable strategy when it comes to using Ukritic."

Ukritic does have strict rules for members to follow. Each review is moderated by their staff and must not only be unique but also pass editorial review, to ensure that it's actually legitimate, well-researched and helpful.

"We've seen some of the larger crowd-sourced websites take a nose dive over the last year which is largely the result of Google's new "Panda" algorithm but the root cause of these sites' downfall is because they got lazy and they allowed pretty much anything to be published by their members." says Rempel. "The future is never certain, but one thing is we won't be making that same mistake."

About is a web-based review site supported by independent product reviewers. Its focus is to provide candid, and credible product reviews from one consumer to another, while at the same time rewarding its contributors by facilitating affiliate marketing.

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