Windows AntiHazard Center Proves to be a 'Hazard' to Naive Computer Users

March 24, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows AntiHazard Center is more of a wake-up call for PC users struggling with security. The cautionary lesson that should be received is never to trust or judge a book by its cover. In the case of Windows AntiHazard Center, its cover looks just like any other legitimate security program for the PC. Moreover, Windows AntiHazard Center conducts many actions similar to that of a legitimate security program.

Because Windows AntiHazard Center has been identified by the security source as a façade, caution should be taken to treat it as a hazard. The evidence presented by the trusted security site is extremely revealing in describing how Windows AntiHazard Center is part of a scam. Many other rogue anti-spyware programs similar to Windows AntiHazard Center, such as Windows Process Director, Windows Process Director or Windows No-Risk Center, are also highlighted on Knowing that Windows AntiHazard Center is a scam concludes how its creators are in the business of money extortion instead of providing a usable product for those facing security issues on their PC.

The new removal report addressing the issues of Windows AntiHazard Center is able to provide PC users with the necessary resources to remove malware. Not only can computer users use those resources found on the Windows AntiHazard Center removal report to detect and remove malware, but they may use them to eliminate the threat of Windows AntiHazard Center.

The video below is a visual example of how to eliminate the threat of the rogue anti-spyware program Windows AntiHazard Center.

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