Crime Prevention Products Advises CCTV Security Can Be Affordable

March 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
With the current economy causing most businesses to tighten the purse strings, CCTV can be a pricey solution to protecting their premises. To tackle this, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products advise that companies need not leave themselves unguarded while on a tight budget.

A dummy CCTV camera is an affordable yet effective deterrent to would-be burglars. These days, respected suppliers even sell them in the real CCTV casing complete with a power light, which makes them look exactly like the real thing.

In addition to the all important cost savings that opting for dummy cameras instead of real CCTV, they offer the benefit of comparably easy installation and low maintenance. There will also be no need to store video recordings.

A dummy version can be used as a low cost criminal deterrent on its own, or it can also be an excellent compliment to existing CCTV in low risk areas of a business premises.

The placement and model type of a dummy security camera however is a crucial consideration due to the range of designs that suit either indoor or outdoor use, just as with real CCTV cameras. For example, if a property has high ceilings, a Dome style camera to make it look as if the surveillance covers a complete area of view is needed. For larger outdoor areas of buildings, storage yards or car parks, a large professional-looking model is called for.

Security providers also advise that for maximum effectiveness, dummy camera equipment should be used in conjunction with other protection measures.

Prominent warning signs notifying potential criminals that CCTV surveillance is in operation are key, since by law real CCTV requires notification, so any camera that is seen but not advertised will be known by burglars as being fake.

In addition, if a business owns a real CCTV, they should plug the real camera into a monitor and position the display near the front of the premises this will completely convince criminals they are being watched, and add to the effect of the dummy cameras placed in other areas CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, concluded: "Dummy cameras are a brilliant way for businesses to cut costs without losing vital protection. And given the fact that we supply our dummy models in real casing with a power light, even experienced criminals will not be able to tell them apart from real CCTV. All in all, with the impressive affordability of dummy cameras in addition to how little businesses can afford burglary losses these days, there really is no reason why every company cannot safeguard themselves adequately and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effective security measures."