365iT Services Advises Businesses to Tackle Network Security

March 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Following from a recent survey by Experian which found that poor online security costs the UK economy more than £200 million a year because Internet shoppers are frustrated by a poor experience with online security, the Scottish Business Crime Centre (SBCC) has urged businesses to seek professional advice to ensure they are not losing out.

SBCC Assistant Director Gary Ritchie commented: "E-commerce is part of our 'on demand' society and consumers are increasingly aware of security issues. Outdated, slow systems may actually make them suspicious and it's important that businesses seek expert advice from specialists in this fast-changing space."

Leading IT support and security company 365iT Services have also advised companies that the price of investing in robust yet streamlined online security measures is far outweighed by the profits lost not only in customer sales, but also in potentially placing their sensitive information in the wrong hands.

With malware and fraud seemingly on an ever constant rise, network security is crucial to the safety of every business, not least those which store the personal financial information of their customers.
The study also highlighted the fact that 96% of the Britons who were polled do not believe that organisations protect their information adequately, while only 52% of companies have a policy in place designed to protect against identity theft.

UK Director of Identity and Fraud at Experian, Nick Mothershaw, said: "The UK's lost billions from inefficient online identity and security measures is a price that doesn't have to be paid given that technology now enables incredibly robust identity checks to be undertaken almost instantaneously. Older forms of identity verification draw on limited information or out-of-date data, cannot instantly validate as many genuine customers, and don't provide extra assurance from interactive questioning or the checking of previous identity fraud intelligence.

Those using less efficient identity checks can benefit significantly by upgrading to newer tools, which enable improvements in security levels and faster, less onerous checks."

This highlights the need for businesses to take their network security seriously, and in the current economic climate outsourcing this important aspect to tried and tested experts rather than footing the bill for an in-house IT security team is a particularly good idea for SMEs who are already under financial strain.

Peter Howells, Director of 365iT Services concluded: "From building a network security infrastructure that effectively detects and blocks invasive software attacks or intruder access to reducing the costly downtime associated with web threats and simplifying the configuration and management of IT security, we strongly urge businesses to ensure their networks are effectively secure. To this end, choosing the right experts to tackle this vital issue is a crucial step in guarding sensitive business data as well as giving consumers confidence when buying products and services online."