Windows Debug Center Harms PC Users with Its Fake Antivirus Program

March 30, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Computer users muddling through a situation where they suspect their PC is infected with malware often look for the easiest and quickest solution. Some PC users may find refuge in discovering that a program named Windows Debug Center is present on their computer, so they attempt to use it for removing malware. Unfortunately, performing those actions will end up in disaster by Windows Debug Center failing to remove malware.

Windows Debug Center is a fake security application. As explained by many new removal reports, such as the Windows Debug Center removal report found on, Windows Debug Center is not a viable antivirus program nor will it activate after purchasing. Just like previously identified rogue antivirus programs such as Windows Defending Center, Windows Debug Center will automatically execute when Windows boots. This ultimately makes it difficult to remove or un-install Windows Debug Center.

Hackers, who have nothing better to do than to scam gullible computer users, have created Windows Debug Center for the main goal of extorting money. The creation of Windows Debug Center is just one instance out of virtually thousands of malware applications designed to mislead computer users to the point of wasting their hard-earned money.

Looking at Windows Debug Center even deeper, the PC security researchers at, have uncovered many of the illicit pop-up messages that Windows Debug Center renders to gain the trust of PC users. These messages include, ones that resemble normal Windows security alerts usually warning a PC user of a detected malware threat. Through these messages, Windows Debug Center is able to convince PC users that they can trust Windows Debug Center to remove the supposedly detected threat by purchasing a copy of the Windows Debug Center program. By purchasing Windows Debug Center, it will not only take upwards of $60 from your credit card account, but fail to remove malware. Basically, a purchased version of Windows Debug Center is no different from the free version, which does absolutely nothing for detecting and removing real malware.

The video below titled "How to Detect and Remove Windows Debug Center" is a visual demonstration of how PC users plagued with this painstaking program can easily detect and remove it using the necessary resources.

A new removal report that reiterates the facts and provides resources to safely remove Windows Debug Center is provided on: