Spring Allergies in Bloom? Eye Allergies Explained on AllAboutVision.com

March 30, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
With spring comes greenery that's pleasing to the eye. For allergy sufferers, it also brings red, itchy and watery eyes due to eye allergies. Allergy sufferers can learn about eye allergy causes, symptoms and relief in the article Eye Allergies on AllAboutVision.com.

The article features a self-test to help readers determine whether they are experiencing eye allergy symptoms, which account for approximately 75 percent of all allergy symptoms. The article also links to a current pollen map, a list of the top 100 U.S. cities for spring and fall allergies, and an explanation of various types of over-the-counter and prescription eye drops.

This year, the spring allergy season began early due to a warmer winter in the United States.

"Allergy sufferers are noticing itchy, watery eyes from tree pollen and other seasonal allergens," said Gary Heiting, OD, AllAboutVision.com associate editor. "Allergens trigger the body's release of histamine, which causes the eyes to water."

"Wraparound sunglasses can help shield the eyes from allergens. For contact lens wearers, daily disposable contact lenses are a good option to avoid build-up of deposits and allergens that can cause contact lens discomfort."

The article is in the Conditions and Diseases section of AllAboutVision.com.

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