New Rolf Harris Pictures Published - comments by Articulate Fine Art Gallery owner

April 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The release by Rolf Harris's publisher of a new series of limited edition prints has again attracted much interest and comment from collectors. In fact some begin to discern a theme developing.

Speaking with specialist Rolf Harris dealer, Raymond Chaplin, of Edinburgh based gallery Articulate Fine Art Ltd, Raymond commented: 'the new collection very much complements the themes of earlier paintings such as Australian landscapes, fishing boats, people and London scenes many of them with a period theme. I think I also discern some new themes emerging in these collections, in particular those of urban and rural scenes'

'Rolf never hesitated to use a camera to capture the immediacy of a scene, of a moment or unusual lighting. It is these photographs from the past that enable him to capture the detail and authenticity of a past scene in a new painting'.

'A striking example of this is 'Lifelong Friends' a scene in Malta of two seated figures against a rough wall as a backdrop covered with political graffiti of the Mintoff era. Similarly, the wall in 'Lovers by The Seine' is graffiti covered. The theme of figures is also found in earlier pictures such as 'In the Shade', 'Time Goes By', and in 'Two Little Boys' from the new release.'

'London is a favourite theme in Rolf's paintings with Westminster and the river Thames very much in focus in pictures such as 'Painting Parliament', 'Autumn Sunlight –Westminster', 'Barges at Westminster' with its incredible lighting and sixties scenes such as 'Buses in Trafalgar Square' a reminder of the former London fogs. The river Thames is an ever changing scene of activity and light that has fascinated artists for centuries.'

'A painting that has always attracted but slightly puzzled me with its unusual lighting and coloring is 'Long Ago and Far Away', a scene of rock pools on an Australian shore. A few weeks ago whilst I was collecting seaweed on the rocks of the Forth, just such a pattern of unusual rich coloration suffused the rocks and water only to disappear a few minutes later.'

The paintings of Australian subjects and scenes have a particular fascination and appeal and titles such as 'Tessa Through The Blue Gums', 'Darwin Dawn', 'Blue Hills', and 'Dawn over the River' are much sought after and the new release includes several new Australian subjects including an iconic 'Uluru Sunset'.

Raymond expects that these themes and many of the other pictures will soon sell out. 'Such is the interest in Rolf's paintings worldwide that almost a third of our sales ( are to the USA, Canada and Australia. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find these earlier published picture and prices continue to rise'.