Windows Defending Center Proves to be a Fake Antispyware and an Extortionist

April 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Like turning the world of a misfortune person upside-down, Windows Defending Center attempts to do the same for those who are willing to open their wallet to purchase a registered version of Windows Defending Center. PC users must understand that Windows Defending Center is a plagiarized security program and that by purchasing Windows Defending Center it will not magically enable malware removal abilities.

Outlined in a new removal report on, is newly uncovered information on how Windows Defending Center is a scam. The scam methods used by Windows Defending Center range from it rendering false malware warning messages to conducting PC scans only to return bogus results. Many other fake security programs, such as Windows Activity Debugger and Windows First-Class Protector, perform virtually the same deceptive functions.

For computer users needing an outlet or relief from the stringent methods of Windows Defending Center, you may look to the new removal report posted at: This report outlines many aspects of Windows Defending Center and how PC users are able to use specialized resources to remove Windows Defending Center.

The video below titled 'The Effect of Windows Defending Center' is an intellectual visual demonstration on how computer users are able to remove Windows Defending Center from their PC. Additionally, the video outlines many symptoms and live screenshots of Windows Defending Center's malicious behavior.

Fortunately, for PC users bombarded by Windows Defending Center, the new removal report may be used for its resources to safely detect and remove Windows Defending Center from their PC.