70% of Northern Ireland Houses 'at risk' From Boiler Checks

April 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A recent survey has found that 7 out of 10 houses in Northern Ireland are at risk due to the simple fact that they fail to have their boilers serviced annually.

A warning from Power NI is that if you fail to have your boiler serviced properly and yearly then one of the biggest hazards from not doing this is carbon monoxide poisoning. You can get rid of your normal boiler and fit a wood pellet boiler in your house. The only down fall about this is that you will need to clear enough room somewhere big enough to fit around 3 tonnes of wood pellets; which is what's recommended for a wood pellet boiler in a domestic house.

A spokeswoman for Power NI, Jenny Livingstone, said of the matter: "Skipping a service could lead to a false economy as ultimately having a boiler serviced can save money by ensuring the heating system is working efficiently, prolonging the life of the boiler and saving money in the long run."

In a survey carried out by Power NI of 250 customers, 69% said that they hadn't had their recommended annual check. From this 69%, 20% said that they hadn't had a service in the last two to five years with 12% claiming to have never had their boiler inspected.

On top of these shocking statistics there was also 24% or 1 in 4 of these people surveyed who weren't aware that they had to have an annual check carried out on their boiler.

This just goes to show how many people in Northern Ireland could be at risk because of their boiler. If you like the sound of having your house heated by an energy efficient wood pellet boiler then you should pay a visit to Enerfina and see what they have to offer.