The Rogue Optimization App Called Smart HDD Turns Over a New Faux Face

April 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Smart HDD happens to be a fake defragmenter and PC optimization program created by scammers. The creators of Smart HDD decided to update the application with a new graphical interface in an attempt to convince computer users of its legitimacy. Unfortunately, security sources such as, have already called Smart HDD's bluff out by exposing the new interface on an updated removal report.

Information made available to computer users about the new Smart HDD application, is currently scarce. Many sources have identified the new Smart HDD application as S.M.A.R.T. HDD paying homage to the text listed on the new interface. has revealed several new images of the new Smart HDD interface showcasing many of the same redundant and misleading functions.

Smart HDD is closely related to other fake optimization and defragmentation tools uncovered by well-known security resources over the Internet. Many of these programs, such as Smart Fortress 2012, Smart Defragmenter and HDD Rescue, make an attempt to offer services that they simply cannot fulfill even if one purchased the registered version of the application.

A new video posted by on YouTube titled 'Protect PC from Smart HDD' is a revelation of the actions of Smart HDD and how PC users are able to easily remove Smart HDD from their PC.

As demonstrated in the video above, the process for removing Smart HDD can be performed easily with the correct resources. Typically, Smart HDD cannot be removed using conventional methods, in addition to it being very difficult to manually delete.

As an answer to the needs of many PC users to remove Smart HDD, the new Smart HDD removal report on provides the necessary resources to effectively and safely remove Smart HDD from ones system. Although Smart HDD is an old threat with a new face, the updated resources on the newly released removal report at: also applies to the new version of Smart HDD.