Snap & Buy Launches New Online Consumer Site for Merchandise Seekers and Sellers

April 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
SIMPSONVILLE, South Carolina, April 5, 2012 – Snap & Buy, LLC today announced the release of the beta version of its new website,, designed for anyone who has ever spotted something they want or need, but have no idea where to find it – a unique jacket for instance, a pair cordless of headphones, or a vintage car – welcome to Snap & Buy, the online site that assists buyers in locating sellers who can deliver the goods.

The premise is simple: potential buyers take a photo of the item they're looking for and post it to the Snap & Buy website. Sellers who have the item, or know where to get it, can contact the buyer and negotiate a price.

When buyer and seller make a deal everyone is happy, according to Snap & Buy's founder Chimaobi Madubuike. When buyer and seller make a deal everyone is happy, according to Madubuike, who says the idea for the Snap & Buy website was inspired when he was a university student and noticed a pair of shoes that he liked on a fellow student. When he tried to find a pair to purchase for himself, they weren't turning up at any of the usual stores or online sites; since he hadn't asked the owner of the pair he saw originally where he had bought them, Madubuike figured he was pretty much out of luck.

"We've all experienced that kind of frustration when we see something we'd really like to have, but perhaps we don't feel comfortable asking a stranger where they bought their shoes," Madubuike said. "Or maybe the circumstances just don't offer an opportunity to ask. Usually we think we can just find the item on our own, but all too often it's not so simple.

"If the item was a limited edition, or purchased in a previous season, it can be impossible to find. Snap & Buy was created out of that void by asking 'wouldn't it be great if I could just upload a picture to a website, and someone who had a pair to sell could contact me?'"

The premise for Snap & Buy is simple: an online site where anyone can log on, post a photo and description of an item they're looking for, and wait for a seller with an item matching the description to make contact.

With that, Madubuike devised the foundation for Snap & Buy, where anyone can now go and post a photo and description of an item, and wait for a seller with an item matching the description to make contact.

Camera parts, hard-to-find collectables, limited edition sportswear, musical instruments, house wares– anything that can be posted and sold on Ebay can be posted and bought on Snap & Buy. The idea is to offer consumers help tracking down an unknown or sought after item, and purchase exactly what they want at the price they want.

Joining Snap & Buy is free, as is posting an item description and photo. Listings remain active for 30 days, or until the buyer finds the item they're looking for and closes the deal. Sellers pay a 10 percent fee on the final sale price of the item. There's no monthly subscription fee, and the Snap & Buy site can be used to buy and sell goods and services anywhere in the world.

To find out more about Snap & Buy, visit the Snap & Buy website, Snap & Buy website, or Email

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