April 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News, a Tempe, Arizona web-based retailer of nutritional supplements announces the launch of their vitamin and supplements rewards program. In an effort to combat ever rising medical costs while rewarding customers' loyalty, this rewards program provides cash back upon completing certain activities taken on their website.

"We believe that rewarding customer loyalty by providing shoppers with 10% cash back on every purchase will become a huge success in this economic climate," says Seth Adamson, Beyond Nature's Director of Marketing. "By rewarding customer participation on product reviews, joining our mailing list and referring their friends or family members, they will gain rewards that will help to drive down the monthly costs of supplement purchases." Seth continued stating, "Amidst the current trend of ever-increasing healthcare costs, this rewards program provides our customers with convenient ways to buy vitamins online while saving towards future supplement purchases".

As popularity for organic nutritional supplements like food-based multi-vitamins, chelated minerals, holistic herbs even sleep aids and weight-loss pills increases nationwide, so does their desire to provide customers with the ideal shopping experience. By using the new rewards program, shoppers will now be able to save more money and provide them feedback on how to better optimize their online shopping process.

About Beyond Nature Supplements
Founded in 2008, offers a high quality line of vitamins, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements online, with a complete line of USDA certified organic products. Their complete product line includes over 200 organic and herbal supplements all manufactured here in the United States in their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility.