Featured expert in the latest session of HP's interactive 'Meet the Expert Series' is A Thinker and an Innovator

April 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Today, several organizations across the globe are harnessing the limitless potential of virtual meeting technology and software that are not only renowned for their cost effectiveness but also come in handy when employees of the same organization who belong to different teams and work groups are based in different geographical locations. Various advancements and technological developments in collaboration software that streamlines communication processes and networks have made these virtual meetings a reality. These are the building blocks of effective and enhanced virtual collaboration in an age where most people have access to mobile devices, computers, and the internet. Right from desktop sharing to online webinars and video conferencing, this meeting and collaboration software made it easy for members of a team who are not in close proximity or who have conflicting schedules to meet virtually. There are different virtual meeting techniques that can be employed to make the process of information exchange and knowledge transfer faster and easier, which in turn makes the entire process of collaboration a lot more effective.

Karthik Subramanian is the featured expert in the latest session of HP's interactive 'Meet the Expert Series' where the company brings in product experts to present on certain technology topics and engineers get to can attend the presentation and interact with the expert using this medium that technology offers. He used the HPVR virtual technology to explain how WebServices testing can be accelerated and improved using ServiceTest. Additionally, he highlighted critical testing procedures and product limitations as well as top application features along with the new features in Service Test 11 and how it differs from previous versions of ServiceTest. These informative sessions offer plenty of value-add besides offering people a chance to interact directly with the experts who are adept in various areas of technology. One of the participants says, "HP's move to conduct these webinars is a great way to help users improve their learning curve and this series is definitely among the top 'Stay ahead of the game' webinars to attend."

As a Senior Technical Solutions consultant, Karthik brings a treasure-trove of experience and ingenuity to the engineering field. He provides technical guidance to engineers and team members in QuickTestProfessional (QTP) test automation and scripting projects. As a former product expert at the Mercury Interactive Corporation, Karthik Subramanian also developed valuable teamwork and customer relationship skills in addition to highly technical skills in the creation of complex test automation.

Talking about his passion for technology, Karthik explains, "I take great pride in my ability to work in a global environment where I resolve complex technical problems and manage an array of deadlines while meeting customer expectations" adding that "One of the most enriching experiences that I derive great joy from is mentoring young engineers who are on the onset of their careers." A regular presenter at notable events such as the HP Meet the Expert Series and at the HP Software Universe conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, he has been actively involved in a lot of knowledge sharing through regular publications and presentations.