"It is Getting Easier to Purchase a Home with Imperfect Credit," Says Noted Website Owner

April 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Is it really possible to purchase a home in today's real estate Indiana market even if you have some credit issues? "It is not only possible, it is in reality much easier than you think, than you may have been led to believe, by traditional lenders and mainstream real estate agents."

At least that's the word coming from Dave Nevogt, owner of RealEstateInFortWayne.org. This site, now very popular with those looking to purchase real estate in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has a significant amount of material there to help consumers. "Every month, we are able to help 15 families, on average, to locate good homes in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas, properties that are within their means."

According to Nevogt the key is information: "If you are looking to buy homes in Fort Wayne with bad credit, you need to know who to contact — persons who are not traditional lenders, perhaps, or know what special government programs are available. Most consumers, because this is not their livelihood, do not know whom to contact, who can help them. But we do. These professionals know us, and we know them. They are glad to hear from us because it is an excellent source of business for them — they are in business to lend money — and they know we will not send anyone their way who is not suitable."

Speaking further on the record, Nevogt shared these thoughts: "The economy has taken quite a beating in recent years, and of course everyone knows about the issues in the real estate market. But we are starting to see people entering the market now that things are beginning to loosen up. For example, we know of special programs that can assist prospective buyers to buy a first home with just a fraction of the money traditionally expected for a down payment. Also, some buyers have been able to save a little towards their down payment. If they have bad credit Fort Wayne realtors and lenders we work with can help them tremendously if they can make a down payment with even 3.5% of the asking price. That's a tremendous help in times like these."

Explaining further on their strategy, Nevogt offered the following analysis: "We utilize a team approach, with both lenders and real estate agents working together to get the funding package that works best, getting all required paperwork in order, sticking to a plan that will take the buyer right to the closing."

Founded in 2004, RealEstateInFortWayne.org specializes in helping people to purchase a home in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, especially those with bad credit, poor credit blemishes, no established credit, those who lack down payment funds, as well as those with good credit. Featuring an application process that only takes 90 seconds to complete as well as a guaranteed approval