Weight Loss Expert Reveals: Is There a Proper "Fat Burning" Heart Rate and Is There Really Such a Thing As "Fat Burning" Pills?

April 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Rob Poulos, founder and co-owner (with his wife, Kalen) of the highly controversial weight loss regimen spotlighted on the website FatBurningFurnace.com, recently discussed two red-hot wellness topics: is there really a true "fat burning" heart rate, and also the controversy over supposed benefits from "fat burning" weight loss pills.

On the subject of heart rates, Poulos explained that while cardio exercise programs are very popular today, one still needed to be careful about the heart rate that is targeted. "What many don't understand today is that there is, in fact, an ideal fat burning heart rate, and contrary to popular opinion, a higher heart rate is not necessarily better, at least for burning fat. A lower intensity workout is often the most effective. This is because such an intensity level better signals your body to begin using up the excess stores of energy stored in your fat cells. If you try to exercise at a more intense level, your body will begin to burn excess glucose because its energy needs are too intense and too immediate. For some people, however, who are monitoring their total caloric expenditure, the higher intensity workout is better, as it results in more calories being burned up, and also keeps the metabolism high for some time after the workout has been completed. So the moral of the story is that decisions as to which type of workout are "best" for you should be thought out very carefully."

On another subject Poulos tackled the subject of fat-burning weight loss pills. "Again, popular notions can sometimes steer you wrong. For example, most people believe that fat burning pills don't do much for you at all. We beg to differ. Fat burning pills can help you in several different ways: First of all, they help you to combat the lethargy and feeling of being tired when you are trying to lose weight. Secondly, there is some noticeable, but slight, raising of the metabolism with some of these pills, allowing your body to burn perhaps up to 100 calories a day, and when you are trying to lose weight every little bit helps. Finally, fat burning pills can help to suppress the urge you may feel to eat. Feeling less hungry is crucial to helping you stay on track with your weight-loss plan. So to say that weight loss pills are always bad is to over-simplify matters. They are not a cure-all, they cannot do the hard work of learning how to eat right or getting more exercise, but they can help you out along the way."

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