Technology startup nearForm announces Nokia Digital Media Award for world's first online newspaper powered entirely by cutting-edge software technologies

April 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Technology startup nearForm, creator of the new high-tech web and mobile service of the Sunday Business Post newspaper, is proud to announce that the service has just been awarded a 2012 Nokia Digital Media Award. The new service is the world's first online newspaper to be powered entirely by cutting-edge software technologies Node.js and HTML5.

Cloud computing and mobile apps in action
Technology entrepreneur Richard Rodger is nearForm co-founder, COO and author of the latest book on cloud computing to come from the US, Wiley's Mobile Application Development in the Cloud. He attributes the speed and success of the Sunday Business Post project to the new technologies in use at nearForm: "There is currently a lot of talk in the web world about Node.js, JavaScript and HTML5, but not yet much actual implementation. At nearForm we're blazing the trail, putting the new technologies to work in cutting-edge web services."

Rodger says a few things make the new award-winning service special:

  • The website, iPhone app and iPad app all use the same programming code, meaning the service was created in record time.
  • Thanks to futuristic Node.js and HTML5 software, the service looks and feels the same in all browsers, browser versions, devices and platforms.
  • The latest Cloud computing technology ensures that the service works equally well no matter how many users it has.
  • Next-generation news service works on all platforms
    Adrian Weckler, Digital Editor of the new Sunday Business Post service, was the client for the project: "This was a giant of a project. We didn't just need a website overhaul or an app we needed a completely new, next-generation newspaper service that worked on all platforms and devices. What we got is one of the world's most advanced systems for delivering traditional news content to mobile."

    Empowerment for technology startups
    nearForm co-founder Richard Rodger is also an evangelist for technologies that enable startup companies to punch above their weight: "JavaScript on Node.js and HTML5 empower small programming teams because they cover all the ground from client to server, thus cutting costs and speeding up delivery."

    New technologies will power next Google or Facebook
    nearForm CEO and co-founder Cian Ó Maidín explains the business benefits of the new technologies: "These are the core technologies that will power the next Google or Facebook. We're pretty excited about them at nearForm right now, because they enable us to build and deliver new services really quickly and be highly responsive to our customers' needs."

    About nearForm
    nearForm is an Ireland-based startup that specializes in helping brands engage with consumers through mobile and online services. Founded in 2011 by Cian Ó Maidín and Richard Rodger, nearForm utilizes next-generation mobile and web technologies. They create online services that are lean, high-performing, efficient and ultra-scalable. The skills mix at nearForm is diverse, with expertise from disciplines including computer science, psychology, mathematics and design. This broad expertise enables nearForm to create truly special systems.

    Contact:, cian dot omaidin at nearform dot com, and @nearform.