NJ Plastic Surgeon Gives Tips for A Comfortable Home Recovery

April 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
EDISON, NEW JERSEY - The biggest contributing factor in the success of any surgery is the recovery. The recovery period can be relaxing and filled with excitement about seeing surgery results, but patients must remember to be gentle on their new body to have a successful recovery.

"Sometimes everyday tasks can be difficult for patients post-surgery," said Dr. Andrew Miller, a NJ plastic surgeon. "Patients should recruit a friend or family member to help them during their healing process."

Recovery time is different for every patient, no matter the surgery. Whether undergoing surgery for a mini facelift or breast augmentation, patients should take it easy post-surgery.

For the days before and after surgery, Miller has a list of suggestions to make the process easier:

Patients should arrange surgeries so they have ample recovery time, such as during a long break or vacation from work.
Arrange furniture and any other necessary items to be within easy reach before surgery.

Arrange to have enough food for at least two weeks to avoid the stress of cooking or having to go grocery shopping.

Stock the kitchen with easy to digest foods and drinks like water, juice, yogurt, apple sauce and protein shakes.

Get all medicines necessary before surgery.

Ask a friend or family member to help with chores, minor errands and caring for animals and/or children.

Make sure the entertainment center is stocked with good books and movies to keep busy while recovering, as many patients get bored while "resting and recuperating."

Patients should deep clean their houses before surgery so they can recover in a clean, comfortable environment and won't be tempted to tidy up while recuperating.

Above all, think positively. Despite the unpleasant look of stitches and bruises during recovery, thinking about the end result will make a difference.

No matter what, patients should strictly follow all post-surgical instruction and consult their surgeons if anything should happen.

"All procedures will heal successfully if patients think positively and don't push themselves during recuperation," said Miller.

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