Car Accessories Startup mAuto Store Launches Exclusive Line of Car Sun Shades in United States

April 17, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
By the time mAuto Store introduces the hot new product in its startup video as "just a car sun shade that's cool" it would have already created quite a stir. Customers had already pre-ordered them, lining up around the virtual corner for them as if they were the latest smartphone. If customer response is anything to go by, mAuto Store's Eyes Car Sun Shade video could go viral on April 17, 2012.

Lester Mapp, CEO and Founder of the car accessories startup, decided on a simple concept. He did the opposite of what the top players are doing, with their animal spokespersons, high technology claims and multi-purpose gadgetry. From humble beginnings as boxes of merchandise in a bedroom, the company plays to its unique strengths by not being some oversized, impersonal mass-producing machine.

It was decided that if content is king, and it is, then the company's focus must be on off-the-wall content so far outside the box that maybe the box no longer exists. Content can be relevant and ridiculously funny at the same time.

While others are pushing the latest app or handheld computer, mAuto Store boasts that it "dared to make a simple sunshade with a strappy thing… and a couple suction cups". They're not putting a man on the moon, but "as far as sun shades go", apparently they have.

Mapp's idea was to take a regular car sun shade and make it available to the consumer when they want it, from the comfort of one's home. People are busy and don't want to drive anywhere to buy one. The consumer comes away with the product they want with little to no effort.

Being funny and irreverent is an effective way to get a brand noticed. That above all else powered the CEO's decision to make a video that challenged the very tone of marketing for the car accessories industry, let alone an ad about a car sun shade. It soon became clear that bloggers soak up this type of action.

Starting off with a few boxes of merchandise in a bedroom, mAuto Store now boasts two offices and a warehouse. It's not the average tale of an ordinary start-up doing what others have done before; this is the unusual story of an edgy little company that is changing
the status quo.

Now that the word is out about their Eyes Car Sun Shades, mAuto Store is simultaneously planning to shake things up with a number of fun ad campaigns. The upcoming ads are under wraps at the moment, but not for long.

Boilerplate: Lester Mapp is CEO and Founder of mAuto Store, an online car accessories retailer and manufacturer based in Biscayne, Florida. The company offers a unique online shopping experience for customers. For more information visit