Los Angeles Family Dentist Dr. Joseph Marvizi Spreads Oral Cancer Awareness in April

April 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles family dentist, Dr. Joseph Marvizi provides expert dental care to his patients while screening their mouths for other serious health issues. Throughout April, dentists nationwide are celebrating Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

Oral cancer, including oral cavity and pharynx cancers, will reach 40,000 new victims this year, according to The National Cancer Institute. They also predict that in 2012, oral cancer will take 8,000 American lives.

Certain factors increase the risk of oral cancer, including HPV, prolonged exposure to sun, low fruit and vegetable intake, betel nut and maté consumption, and alcohol use. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco also play a role in oral cancer cases. The Oral Cancer Foundation mentions a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, which found that 80 percent of all oral cancer patients smoked tobacco. Oropharyngeal cancer - cancer of the throat - is the most common type of cancer among Asian males where betel nuts are regularly consumed.

Patients should floss daily and brush twice daily. During this routine, patients should check their mouths, lips and tongues thoroughly for any unusual symptoms. Signs of oral cancer are: bleeding gums; red, white, or a combination of sores in the mouth or on the lips; a persisting earache; trouble swallowing; vocal changes; loosened teeth; and bumps in the throat. For patients with one or more of these symptoms, contact Rayhan & Marvizi DDS to schedule an appointment.

Prevention and Treatment
The sooner a dental issue is found, the simpler treatment will be. Treating oral cancer is different for each patient, contingent upon how far the cancer has progressed. Patients may undergo surgery, localized therapy, radiation or chemotherapy.

Regarding oral cancer, regular dental screenings may just save lives. The dentists and staff at Rayhan & Marvizi DDS give patients expert dental care during routine visits, including visual and X-ray inspections, thorough cleaning and clear communication of any potential dental issues. For those concerned about the risks of oral cancer, contact Dr. Marvizi's office today. They also provide Invisalign Teen, pediatric dentistry and general dentistry for patients of all ages.

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To learn more about preventive oral care or to schedule an appointment with the implant dentist, Dr. Marvizi call 323-931-3881.

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Dr. Joseph Marvizi builds lasting relationships with his patients. Together with his staff, he provides outstanding oral care while monitoring patients for potential dental issues.

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