Facebook Fan Marketing Launches "Buy Facebook Fans" Website: Simple, Affordable, Awesome ROI

April 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MELBOURNE, Australia, April 18, 2012 - Facebook Fan Marketing today announced the launch of its Buy Facebook Fans website, an online fan provider that allows businesses and individuals to buy Facebook fans at a rate of up to 600 per day, at rates below its competitors. An effortless parlay into overnight social credibility for any business, celebrities are also utilizing the social media marketing trend to enhance their popularity among existing and new fans.

The rise in popularity of marketing through social networking has created a valuable branding and visibility tool for businesses of all sizes worldwide according to Edmond Hong, president and CEO of Facebook Fan Marketing.

Along with fellow entrepreneur Erica Wong, Facebook Fan Marketing vice president, Hong set out to deliver an effective, affordable way of using Facebook for business to increase Facebook page rankings in a short time period without the need to hire a marketing consultant to accomplish the task.

"Our pricing is extremely competitive, probably the lowest in terms of cost per fan," Hong says.

Pricing for Facebook Fan Marketing's plan runs between three- and four-cents per fan, with packages available in groups of 600 ($29), 1200 ($49), and 6000 ($197) and delivery time estimates of one to seven days, depending on the package purchased. The return on investment, Hong says, would be hard to match in any advertising forum. The Fansbuy.org website offers Facebook business page tips to help maximize the marketing opportunities Facebook provides.

"For less than $200, anyone can strengthen their Facebook fan count overnight; a celebrity can enhance their social credibility and popularity among an audience so broad it's unprecedented; small businesses benefit immensely when they know they can reach up to 80 percent of Facebook users in the U.S., and send an instant message to their marketplace," Hong says.

Purchasing Facebook fans from Facebook Fan Marketing is no different than generating them on your own, only faster. Much faster critical when the competition is already boasting high fan numbers.

With a current annual revenue of $3.7 billion, and an audience of 795 million (expected to reach 900 million by year's end) the upward trend of marketing on Facebook is a force few businesses are willing to ignore. At the first Facebook Marketing Conference held in New York City in February, Facebook executives defined the online site's far-reaching capabilities for brands seeking to reach customers online, as well as individuals hoping to spread the word about their new home purchase or job promotion. Actors, musicians, and politicians are all clamoring for the visibility that a Facebook page provides, followed by Twitter and Linkedin at a distant second and third as far as users and revenues are concerned.

On average, 16 percent of any one individual's friends will see a post that person shares on Facebook, according to Chris Cox, Facebook's vice president of product. The same is true of a company's fans.

"That's the average across all posts from all profiles and all pages of all different audience sizes and all different networks," Cox says. "For any given post or given profile owner, you might see a totally different number, but 16 percent is to present an order of magnitude."

With the help of Facebook Fan Marketing, a business, organization or individual could expand their Facebook footprint from 16 percent to reach 75 percent of their Facebook "friends" in one month.

When the consumer chooses to buy Facebook likes, Facebook Fan Marketing guarantees the delivery of 100 percent genuine Facebook fans, 100 percent price-match promise, and 100 percent guaranteed delivery. In addition, first time fan buyers receive 1000 Twitter fans free.

"When it comes to the new upward trend in social network marketing, the mantra is that you have an identity that needs to be seen," Hong says. "Imagine your business has a Facebook page with 10 fans, and your competitor has 5,000 fans.

"You can be seen and drive traffic to your website affordably, and you have the customer base at your fingertips. Use it."

For more information, visit the Facebook Fan Marketing website at www.fansbuy.org.