Car Accessories Startup mAuto Store Launches Out With New Car Sun Shades In United States

April 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 26, 2012 - Inventive startup mAuto Store announces that the April 17, 2012 launch of its exciting range of exclusive Eyes Car Sun Shades has been met with a fantastic response.

The video's boldness and creativity is pushing the company ahead of the competition as mAuto Store releases its first in a series of car product videos.

The company's Eyes car sun shade have recorded increased sales since the start of this event. But this is no surprise as people were clamoring to get their hands on one even before the official launch date. The company has achieved a feat that few others have with simple design, good looks and an extensive marketing campaign.

If the Car Sun Shade is an unconventional place to start an ad campaign, it certainly gives mAuto Store recognition for going against the grain. Doing something that may have never been done before puts the company at a distinct advantage because clients will be forced to put them in a category by themselves.

Having press releases featured by several websites in the space of two days is not the norm in this sleepy industry. Some of the top media websites have shared the news of mAuto Store's product launch. Favorable comments regarding the quality of the video speak volumes about the company. Viewers are happy and that will spell success for the little startup.

This intriguing little business started with just a few boxes of merchandise in a bedroom but mAuto Store now boasts two offices and a warehouse. With the buzz going on about mAuto Store's recently launched car sun shades people are asking what is next.

People have been calling and asking mAuto Store about the press releases that have been making the rounds on the Internet and now that the word is out about their Eyes Car Sun Shades the budding industry innovator is set to reap great rewards. The online retailer has taken its campaign all over the virtual streets so that its products can have the maximum coverage. This ambitious strategy may well make mAuto Store a household name.

mAuto Store is an online retailer and manufacturer of car accessories based in Aventura Florida. The company offers a unique online shopping experience for customers. For more information visit and also view the latest car sun shades video.