Auto Accident Preventative Measures Taken by Senior Drivers Increases Safety Behind the Wheel

April 27, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York - Many older drivers are taking preventative measures to ensure they are capable of operating an automobile. Many senior citizens recognize the decline in their vision, memory, attention and physical abilities, and are taking steps to avoid being involved in an auto accident.

The number of senior citizens operating motor vehicles well past the age when physical abilities start to decline is growing, with many senior citizens driving themselves for errands and other personal tasks.

Senior enrollment in driver's safety courses, offered by AARP and AAA, has greatly increased in popularity, with many offering insurance-premium discounts for seniors completing the courses. The CarFit program, sponsored by AAA, American Occupational Therapy Association and AARP, offers seniors a free auto assessment to help seniors improve vehicle safety.

Recent research studies indicate senior drivers have become safer, with fatal accidents falling nearly 50% in the past decade. This decrease in fatal accidents can be attributed to freeway avoidance, sophisticated safety features in automobiles along with an increase in senior driver's self-awareness of potential safety hazards.

Monitoring personal driving abilities is a trend among senior citizens, with an ultimate goal of maintaining a legal driver's license. Senior drivers often recognize their impairments and compensate by not driving at night or taking a slower or less traveled route.

Although there has been improvement with senior drivers, they are still involved in a large number of fatal crashes. Organizations and state governments need to make senior safety courses easily available to everyone.

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