Windows Foolproof Protector Bombs Its Promise to 'Foolproof' PCs Against Malware

April 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Foolproof Protector is among a steadily growing list of malicious applications designed to uses scam tactics to misleading computer users. This deception usually begins with bogus pop-up warnings and even fake system scans populated with preposterous results. The scam rendered by Windows Foolproof Protector ends up convincing PC users to buy a full version of the Windows Foolproof Protector program.

PC users must realize that by purchasing Windows Foolproof Protector, it will not enable the ability for it to remove any type of malware found on a computer. Better yet, a registered copy of Windows Foolproof Protector has been found to be no different from the free edition installed through the means of a Trojan horse or malicious website source. Windows Foolproof Protector is not much different from other previously identified fake security apps such as Windows Safety Checkpoint, Windows Safety Toolkit, Windows Pro Rescuer, Windows Performance Adviser and Windows Antivirus Care.

Many times the Windows Foolproof Protector program is first presented through a pop-up alert that begs for a PC user's attention and then could redirect that user to a site asking for credit card information. It is advisable that Windows Foolproof Protector never be purchased under any condition. Furthermore, Windows Foolproof Protector should be removed before it causes damages to the system that it is installed on.

For a clear picture of the dangerous actions of Windows Foolproof Protector, the video below titled "How to Remove Windows Foolproof Protector Fake Security App", demonstrates the many actions it conducts. Additionally, the video outlines an easily removal method for ridding a system of Windows Foolproof Protector.

A specialized removal report for Windows Foolproof Protector has been released on at

This report gives users resources to help successfully remove the Windows Foolproof Protector and any other related malware files.