Simple Pastimes Relocates to Accommodate Sales Increase, Doubles Capacity

May 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Luis Obispo, CA, May 1, 2012 –Simple Pastimes, one of the country's largest online distributors of online jigsaw puzzles, has relocated from Washington state to a warehouse doubled in size in Central California in order to accommodate a soaring rise in sales.

Simple Pastimes, founded in 2004, has completed its relocation from Port Townsend, Washington to San Luis Obispo, CA and now occupies a 5,000 square foot warehouse, double the size of its former location of 7 years. The move, says co-founder Mary O'Brien, will accommodate the company's plans for expected continued inventory growth that she anticipates will also result in a doubling in sales by summer.

"We wanted a warehouse that would allow us to grow because the number of puzzle manufacturers is also growing right alongside the rise in demand," said O'Brien, who launched the business with her husband Tim in 2004. "We currently have over 11,000 different puzzles, but within three months we expect to have up to 20,000 puzzles in stock."

O'Brien said there are a number of factors that have resulted in the uptick in sales over the last year, namely the rise in availability of new puzzle brands, including manufacturers of popular 3-D puzzles, and the increase in knowledge among the medical community of the benefits of jigsaw puzzles for working with children with autism, as well as seniors with dementia and other cognitive disorders.

"We've seen our business nearly double over the last year and we think it has a lot to do with the quality of the puzzles being made," O'Brien said. "We have also seen, thanks to a number of reports and medical journal announcements, that keeping the brain stimulated by working jigsaw puzzles, is considered one of the best tools for both autistic children and adults, as well as seniors who are experiencing some form of cognitive degeneration."

In addition, puzzle manufacturers are also making larger sized puzzles for seniors with poor eyesight, which are more popular than ever among that age demographic, O'Brien said.
Also feeding the puzzle phenomenon are economic factors: O'Brien points out that, over the last few years as the country's recession and job losses have taken a toll on consumers' finances, many families began opting to stay home and engage in activities like working jigsaw puzzles with their kids and family members in an effort to save money.

"Jigsaw puzzles have always been viewed as recession proof," said O'Brien. "And with this current recession we've seen a significant rise in the number of families choosing to work puzzles, turning to simpler ways to spend time with their family members and enjoying just being in their homes," said O'Brien. "Jigsaw puzzles have never been more popular, especially with the growing interest of online games among children. Parents and grandparents are looking for more ways to get their kids offline, connect them to family life, and open lines of communication, and Jigsaw Puzzles present an enjoyable way to do this, and an interesting pastime that all ages can enjoy. "

About Simple Pastimes,, Simple Pastimes is one of the largest online retailers of high quality jigsaw puzzles and jigsaw puzzle accessories from companies including Springbok, Ravensburger, White Mountain, SunsOut, MasterPieces, Ceaco, Buffalo Games, Great American Puzzle Factory, Wentworth and more.

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