Acclaimed Website Building Service Provider Recommends All Businesses to Use Instagram as the Easiest Alternative to Add Photographs in a Website

May 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA - The presence of good photographs in a website is more effective than thousands of words. For any modern day business, the presence or absence of photographs in their website can often be the most significant factor leading to a sale or a rejection. Majority of customers now make their buying decisions on the basis of what they see in a Company's website. The advent of Instagram has completely changed the concept of use of photographs while creating a website by sharing photographs and linking them to their own website. This amazing photo sharing tool was launched in the year 2010. With this free application, the users can apply digital filters to their photographs and share them on a wide spectrum of social networking sites. In a recent development, the company has been taken over by Facebook.

make-a-web-site is a self help website that recently came to prominence by offering excellent tips to their visitors about how to create a website. This website has also been doing a commendable job of providing the latest industry news pertaining to creating and using a website in the most efficient manner. According to a Tom Jones from, "Instagram is a must for any modern day business website. It had more than 150 million uploaded photographs till September last year. There are over 30 million people around the world who are using this free tool right now. Naturally, your website is missing something very important if you are not using Instagram".

The website suggests that the groundbreaking success of Instagram can be attributed to its astonishing features. Social interaction is probably the biggest benefit that allows users to share their photographs. Other useful features include photo reviewing facility via hashtag search, an excellent photographic gallery, and much more. make-a-web-site is a trustworthy online resource that has been helping people to learn how to build a website using the amazing photo sharing facility from Instagram. The website also opines that the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook would soon result in further enhancements of this excellent tool.

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