Keep an Eye Out for Counterfeit Money Says Crime Prevention Products

May 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Respected security providers such as Crime Prevention Products advise the public that with the rise in counterfeit money being produced and circulated, all businesses and individuals who regularly receive cash can safeguard themselves without difficulty or high cost.

The two most effective ways for counterfeit detection are the use of a Counterfeit Money Pen and UV lamp. These specialised pens contain ink that specially formulated to react to normal paper as used in the making of counterfeit money, whereas they do NOT react to genuine banknote paper.

Ultraviolet lamps work according to scientific principles light is split along a scale called the 'light spectrum', with visible light rated in the middle of this scale and invisible infrared light and x-rays at the end. Ultraviolet light falls between the two, so it is able to detect many materials that have an inherent fluorescence; especially those marked with ink from a UV pen or built in to the manufacture of genuine bank notes.

When it comes to paper currencies, most notes (including GBP, Euros and USD) are now printed with special marks that are difficult to accurately reproduce with counterfeit colour copying and printing techniques but can only be picked up by UV lamps. Modern notes are also purposely printed on "UV dull" paper which will not glow when placed under UV light and is not sold in office supply stores.

These two factors mean that simply running a note under a UV lamp allows anyone to quickly see whether it is the genuine article or not.

Top rated security providers only supply UV lights on the light wavelength of 365-385nm as this is the most effective for counterfeit detection. This is the industry standard, as provided to Banks, Post Offices and businesses.

UV lamps also come in a range of sizes and specifications, including key chains, handheld battery-run torches and models powered by electrical mains.

Prices range affordably through trusted retailers - currently the key chains can be obtained for as little as around £6, torches for £8 and mains operated UV's for £20. For very busy retail outlets, a Dual Checker Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp complete with Magnifying Lens, Magnetic Ink Reader and Auto On/Off switch can be had for just £34. UV bulb replacements are also easily obtainable and generally range from 4 watts to 12 watts.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: "Counterfeit detection is an important measure for every business whether big or small, since modern printing methods have made it easier than ever before for criminals to pass off fake notes. Especially in this weak economy, no-one can afford to lose money. But with industry standard UV lamps now affordably available to anyone, counterfeit criminals can be stopped."