Windows Safety Module Puts PCs at Risk With Its Fake AntiSpyware Tactics

May 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Safety Module is a bogus security application that is known to render a plethora of false scan results and phony threat warning messages. In the task of Windows Safety Module rendering these results, it attempts to convince PC users that their system is populated with all types of malware threats.

In the repetitive tasks of Windows Safety Module presenting itself through a facade of menus and colorful interfaces, an innocent computer user would easily be swayed into purchasing such a believable program. Unfortunately, these users later discover that their efforts of spending money have clearly resulted in shame and doubt. This is due to the fact that purchasing Windows Safety Module will not resolve any of the issues that it presents to a computer user.

Luckily, PC users have discovered new removal reports addressing the many aspects of Windows Safety Module and other similar malware programs, such as Windows Daily Adviser and Windows High-End Protection. These applications were created and marketed by hackers who intend on taking PC users for a virtual ride until they relinquish upwards of $60 or more. After that, the user is left with a program unwilling to perform its previously promised duties.

The contradictory actions of Windows Safety Module do not cease to exist once it is purchased. Windows Safety Module will keep alerting users through various pop-up alerts of detected threats, even though they are nonexistent.

In the task of removing Windows Safety Module from a PC, many will find that accomplishing such a mission is almost impossible without the proper resources. The creators of Windows Safety Module have purposely done this, especially so that it cannot be removed or uninstalled as you would a normal program.

The youtube video below titled "How to Detect and Remove Windows Safety Module" is just one visual representation of what Windows Safety Module does and how one is able to remove it when armed with the proper resources.

The new removal report on, fortunately, provides PC users with the necessary resources to safely detect and remove Windows Safety Module from virtually any Windows PC. This removal report, along with its removal resources, can be accessed at: