Windows Daily Adviser Will Not Really Advise PC Users When It Comes to Malware Removal

May 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Windows Daily Adviser program is a fake antivirus app designed and marketed by cybercrooks. These cybercrooks make a living out of selling programs like Windows Daily Adviser. They are able to sell these phony programs to the masses through deceptive tactics such as rendering false warning messages and making the program look almost identical to trusted antivirus programs on the software market.

For the computer users who have been plagued by the Windows Daily Adviser program, there are many resources that may be accessed over the Internet to assist with removing Windows Daily Adviser. These resources, such as the Windows Daily Adviser Removal Report, include help with uninstalling these malicious programs.

Windows Daily Adviser may prove to be difficult to remove for the average PC user. Moreover, Windows Daily Adviser may not be manually removed unless a user has a list of the specific associated files. Fortunately, such files are listed on the latest release of's Windows Daily Adviser removal report at:

Any and all advice given by the Windows Daily Adviser should not be taken at face value. Instead, finding a solution or removal resource that is able to safely uninstall Windows Daily Adviser is the best move a PC user can make. Just like other malicious programs similar to Windows Daily Adviser, such as Windows High-End Protection and Windows Safety Checkpoint, they all provide misinformed information.