Windows Advanced User Patch Evades Removal and Promotes Its Fake Antispyware App

May 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Those who may use a PC on a daily basis are susceptible to noticing any little change in the operation of their system. Having this so-called 6th sense, a PC user is apt to noticing a program like Windows Advanced User Patch. In such a case, they want to find the root of where it came from and why it is displaying warning messages. In the case of Windows Advanced User Patch, the warning messages are part of a scam that wants to persuade frivolously spending money for a so-called registered copy of Windows Advanced User Patch. This "registered copy" is no different from the free one that supposedly discovers malware on a computer.

PC users must understand that Windows Advanced User Patch is not a viable solution to detecting and removing malware. Even though Windows Advanced User Patch is presented in a way that looks rather convincing, it should not be trusted.

A new Windows Advanced User Patch removal report found on the security site has outlined many aspects of the Windows Advanced User Patch program and what it does. Within the report, PC users are able to utilize specific resources to help them with detecting and removing the complete Windows Advanced User Patch program. Removal of Windows Advanced User Patch is recommended due to its malicious nature.

Windows Advanced User Patch was created by hackers with the intention of scamming PC users out of their money. This process takes place the instant that Windows Advanced User Patch is installed, usually without any indication to the PC user. Outlined in the newly released Windows Advanced User Patch removal report, are other similar programs that perform basically the same functions to trick PC users out of money. These related programs, such as Windows Daily Adviser and Windows Internet Booster, have almost identical interfaces. One could easily confuse these applications with legitimate antispyware or antivirus programs.

In the difficult task of trying to remove Windows Advanced User Patch and others, PC users face a roadblock due to the programming found within these malicious programs. This programming prevents an entry of Windows Advanced User Patch within the control panel's Add/Remove Programs feature, which is commonly used to automatically uninstall applications from a Windows PC.

The video below, "Speed Up PC: Remove Windows Advanced User Patch Rogue AntiSpyware Program", is a visual demonstration on how a PC user is able to use specialized resources to safely detect and remove Windows Advanced User Patch. Additionally, the video outlines many facts about Windows Advanced User Patch, further helping PC users understand why it is important to completely eliminate malware.

The latest version of the Windows Advanced User Patch Removal Report found on may be accessed at: