San Francisco May Have Weebly, But Seattle Has DevHub

May 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
While the San Francisco website creation and hosting company, Weebly, may be getting recent media attention, a Seattle-based company in the same market segment is creating its own noise.

DevHub has been quiet about its own growth so far this year the company has closed 21 deals which represents over 1 million SMBs. The growth potential for Small business providers that use the DevHub private label offering to establish their customers web presence is about to get greater.

Mark Michael, Co-Founder of DevHub, "We realized early in 2010 that we wanted to be the place for a small business to create and host their website. But in order to achieve the direct to consumer growth that Weebly and others had, we went direct to Small business providers namely Yellow Page companies, domain registrars, franchises and directory verticals. We began viewing our website builder from a more holistic perspective and giving our channel partners the ability to offer their small business customers the latest website creation tools, Facebook pages, mobile pages and sync services which was aligned perfectly with the natural evolution of the product."

The website is packed with resources where visitors can explore all the company has to offer and it's presented in a clean, easy to navigate format that foreshadows what the prospective customer will enjoy for themselves.

The mobile feature is of particular value because it reflects the newest innovation in web design; the responsive website. This means that a visitor to a DevHub-developed site will have a seamless experience whether they are accessing the site from a mobile device, tablet or personal computer.

"Being a full-featured service, explains Daniel Rust (Co-founder/ Chief Technology Officer), coupled with awesome product support is what we believe our clients deserve and we try to build a component in before they know they need it."

DevHub continues to quietly (but aggressively) grow through support from a focused product team and the company's ability to leverage their technological and personnel resources to provide the highest possible return for their channel partners.

Michael says, "We always tell our partners that DevHub is affordable enough to bundle into a sale, but powerful enough to sell on its own."