Bayut eulogized as the ONLY resource for Open House events in the UAE

May 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News is second to none when it comes to providing quality services and features to its widespread clientele in the UAE. To its credit, the site holds the honour of winning several awards over the years. The history of as the best UAE and Dubai real estate portal is marked with several achievements. The last few months especially have been nothing less than extraordinarily successful for the portal. Judging by its accomplishments of late, it won't be wrong to say that owes much of its popularity to the spectacular new features and services it offers to its members.

The initiatives taken by the site have been hailed by the members as well as the real estate experts who cannot seem to stop emphasizing the need of introducing bigger and better tools for realtors, agents and various other stakeholders of the UAE & Dubai real estate sector. For many, may have become the very epitome of what the best UAE & Dubai property portal should look like, but for the site itself however, it is only getting started. The latest example of the fact that has continued to rev up its services is evident in its new 'Open House' feature.

Open house events, as many of you must already be familiar with, are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE where developers, agents, landlords or realtors open their doors for public. Anyone can just walk in and ask questions pertaining to the development as well as get a detailed tour of the property that is up for grabs. Although these open house events have only just started taking place in the UAE, at Bayut however, there was already a palpable demand to incorporate this feature. The launch of this feature is the result of the feedback, and is exactly in compliance with the demands of our clientèle.

In the dynamic UAE & Dubai properties sector, holding an open house event is the surest way to grab the attention of prospective buyers. Scheduling and notifying people well in advance can give them a heads up to plan and adjust their schedule accordingly in order to make it to the open house event, without the hassle of making an appointment to get a tour of the property. Open house events are a great way to let everyone know what's available and at what price. For buyers too, it presents an opportunity to ask just about any question they have regarding the property. If they like what they see, they can throw an offer, right there, right then or make an appointment for future.

It all seems both convenient as well as practical. Sadly though, for the longest time realtors, developers, agents and general sellers could do little to advertise their open house events online. With the launch of 'Open House' feature at Bayut, it becomes the absolute first source to cater to the growing needs of all kinds of sellers of property in Dubai and the UAE. Other than offering some dedicated space for advertisement for realtors, the feature makes Bayut the go-to website with concrete database of all open house events taking place in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, where the real estate market has begun shaking off recession.

According to several market reports, many properties in Dubai have started treading on the path towards recovery. The accelerated efforts on part of the government have been paying off and there has been an evident rise in the market activity. The burgeoning and happening realty market of the UAE calls for handier and smarter tools and features. To answer these calls, as always, has stepped up to the occasion and introduced several ingenious tools and features to facilitate the escalating UAE & Dubai property sector. Being the first one to attend to the needs of the clients gives Bayut a decisive lead over its competitors, making it the ultimate UAE & Dubai real estate portal.