Have You Got The Best Courier?

May 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Are you getting the best deal from your parcel courier? At Worldwide Parcel Services we may not be the largest, but when it comes to customer service and advice then we think we are one of the best you will find online.

And we are truly an online parcel courier, unlike many companies out there that claim to be "Online" we truly are in every aspect you can think of, whereas many parcel delivery companies claim to have an online service, we don't exactly think just because a company has a website that can be classed as offering an online service, do you?

If you don't book your parcel collections online, then let us explain why we think a true online service works best for you, the customer.

Firstly if you don't currently book your parcel shipping online then the chances are you are having to look up a volumetric calculation to price your parcel up, based on its size and weight, and then phone your collection through.

Yet we could see no reason why this could not be done online, so we implemented our "Quick quote" solution, whereby you can get a quote for shipping your parcel to just about anywhere in the World, and with us you get your quote instantly as soon as you've typed in the weight, size and destination. A couple more clicks and your parcel collection is booked and paid for.

We believe this is best for you as a customer as you have no waiting around on the phone, being put on hold whilst you wait for the next available agent to come free etc. After all that's not much fun when you're in a hurry to place a collection is it? In fact at Worldwide Parcel Services you can book a parcel collection for the next day online 24/7, even if it's 2am. That means we're working for you even whilst we're all still asleep, and your collection will automatically be fed in to our system.

By booking online you can also pay online, which means there are no nasty surprises when the bill comes like there can be when you get miss-quoted over the telephone. With Worldwide Parcel Services the price you pay is the price you see quoted on our website. Booking online also means that no one takes down the wrong postcode or collection time. For added peace of mind we also email you confirmation of your booking by return.

We believe that you should also be able to book your heavy parcel shipments online, so with us you can. In fact you can even get a quote and make a booking for parcels up to 500kg in weight, and not many people can back up this claim, but we can.

So if you feel that your business could benefit from the time saving (No more waiting on hold, on the phone), peace of mind and convenience that only a truly online parcel courier solution can offer, then maybe it's time you gave Worldwide Parcel Services a try.