Internet Car Insurance Resource Site Now Open to the Public -

May 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Announced today was the unveiling of a brand-new Internet website dedicated to providing multi-company car insurance facts and information. Owner Alex Shaw, speaking for the record, outlined their goals and priorities: "As most people know, it can be incredibly difficult to find useful and objective information about various types of car insurance policies. The traditional source of information has been a local agent, but those folks obviously are not going to tell you about their competitors. Our site,, is designed to overcome this problem, to provide consumers with up-to-the-minute information quickly and easily, and at no cost to them."

Elaborating, Mr. Shaw went on to comment: "People today lead busy lives — they don't have time to talk to 3-4 different agents, or spend hours looking through company literature. What we are trying to do here is to give car owners information on the best policies, and the best companies, for them, based on their individual needs. If they will go to our page, they can drill down in our information database to find information on car insurers in their state."

According to Shaw, they have compiled information from all the top car insurers, indexed it state-by-state. Doing an information search will also allow you to see general information on car insurance policy regulations for that particular state, such as minimum insurance levels permitted, options for deductibles, what insurance information must be kept in the car, applicable discounts and credits, etc.

Asked what was unique about his site, Shaw responded, "Well, for one thing, unlike many similar sites we have compiled not just general information, but also detailed breakdowns for each state in the Union. After all, car insurance coverage for someone living in a remote rural area might be, and should be, different than rates offered to someone living in a densely-populated urban area. Another thing to keep in mind is that drivers themselves differ — they are individuals. Someone with a luxury car may need extensive liability coverage as they may be more likely to be sued, coverage that would be excessive for, let's say, as student driving an old economy car. Having specific information at your fingertips means that you can find the insurer, and ultimately the best car insurance policy, that's best suited for you." was developed to help consumers to quickly and easily locate car insurers in their area, as well as the best deals and highest-rated car insurers in their state. All the top-rated companies are listed, as well as a specific state-by-state breakdown of applicable laws.