Windows Pro Web Helper (Rogue AntiSpyware) Proves to be Remedial at Removing Malware

May 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Pro Web Helper was discovered by expert PC security researchers as a rogue antispyware program. Such programs are known for rendering aggressive techniques to ultimately take naive computer user's money. The process of taking money from unsuspecting computer users with the use of a rogue antispyware program dates back many years.

In the case of Windows Pro Web Helper, it has a fresh interface with bright primary colors, which is more eye candy than actual PC security functionality. Several other fake antispyware programs, such as Windows ProSecure Scanner, Windows Daily Adviser and Windows Safety Manager, are known to have virtually the same type of menu colors and interface design.

A number of PC users have expressed their frustration with removing the Windows Pro Web Helper program from their PC. Of those users, they are unable to utilize conventional removal methods such as using the Add/Remove Program option within the Windows control panel. Because of this, security firms such as have provided specialized removal resources to safely detect and remove Windows Pro Web Helper.

The new Windows Pro Web Helper removal report has resources that can be used by novice and advanced computer users. Each of these resources is custom tailored to ridding ones system of the Windows Pro Web Helper program and any other related malware.

Windows Pro Web Helper is basically a malicious program. The video below demonstrates many screen shots of Windows Pro Web Helper and how it can be easily removed using resources found on the Windows Pro Web Helper removal report.

The removal report, which gives virtually any PC user the ability to successfully remove Windows Pro Web Helper from their PC, is now available at: