Building a Foundation of Healthy Eating: Noted Weight-Loss Expert Shares His Personal Food Choices

May 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Wixom, Michigan — Noted weight-loss expert Rob Poulos, owner and operator of the world-famous website, in an exclusive conversation recently shared insights on some of the best and most nutritious food choices for those who are trying to lose weight and get healthy.

According to Poulos, there are a small number of food choices that are important to him: "Learning to be healthy starts with learning how to eat healthy, and that means making wise food choices. You don't really need all kinds of complicated food plans, there are a handful of foods which are available everywhere, and you should eat them regularly."

Elaborating further, Poulos explained that each of these foods brings health and weight-loss benefits. "The first big grouping for me are vegetables. Bell peppers, for example, have a small amount of "fat burning" substance, capsaicin. In addition they are very low fat, a good source of fiber, and will add healthy bulk to your meal which will help you to feel full. A second vegetable to add to your "eat often" list are beans. Just about any variety of beans — kidney, navy, lima, lentil, chickpeas, black — are an excellent source of protein and are also good sources of fiber, which will help your digestive tract. A third vegetable grouping would be onions. Onions are excellent sources of important oils and minerals, and they will also help to break down fats which will help you in your weight-loss efforts."

Elaborating further on these personal nutrition tips and techniques, Mr. Poulos gave additional insights on his foundational food choices: "Whenever I go out to eat, or even if I am eating or cooking at home, I always include healthy vegetable choices. But in addition to that, you will certainly need a good meat choice. Most of us are not vegetarian, after all. I personally like to choose chicken, in particular skinless chicken breast. Chicken breast is a blockbuster protein source, of course, but more importantly it is a lean meat, if you take the time to remove the skin. And chicken breast can be prepared in many different ways — it can be grilled, roasted, baked, broiled, fried or even steamed."

"Finally, with your meal or on your menu you will need something sweeter as a dessert. One of my all-time favorites are strawberries. They taste fresh and sweet, can be incorporated into other dessert dishes, and are high in vitamin C. But they are surprisingly low in calories. You can eat them fresh (raw) or they can be frozen and eaten year-round."

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