Windows Sleek Performance (Rogue AntiSpyware App) Proven to Be a Sleek Scam

May 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Sleek Performance, being a fake antispyware program, is known for rendering false system scan results for malware in addition to displaying bogus pop-up warnings. These are just a few of the scare methods used by Windows Sleek Performance to ultimately gain a PC user's trust. Once the trust of a PC user is gained, Windows Sleek Performance will attempt to go in for the kill by offering a registered version for a certain price. In purchasing Windows Sleek Performance, it will relay the message that it will then be able to remove the so-called 'detected malware'.

The reaffirmation of Windows Sleek Performance being a ploy, is stated in new removal guides found on many trusted security sites. One site in particular,, has relayed many facts about Windows Sleek Performance. Additionally, the report specific to Windows Sleek Performance found on, gives PC users custom tailored resources to help rid their system of the Windows Sleek Performance program.

Windows Sleek Performance removal report is a hot commodity among PC users. You can Not only are these resources found on the newly released report able to uninstall Windows Sleek Performance, but they are able to assist in safely detecting and removing other malware.

Researches at have associated the Windows Sleek Performance program with older rogue anti-spyware programs such as Windows Secure Surfer, Windows Daily Adviser and Windows Efficiency Accelerator.

To quickly outline the symptoms and facts of the Windows Sleek Performance program, a YouTube video below titled "How to Find and Remove Windows Sleek Performance" has been made available to PC users as a visual guide.

For those advanced PC users who have already determined how sleek Windows Sleek Performance is in conducting scams, they may utilize manual removal resources on the Windows Sleek Performance removal report at at These resources include a list of files and registry entries to find and delete from ones system to ultimately remove Windows Sleek Performance.