National Credit Card Debt Relief Plans Offer Affordable Credit Solutions To Struggling Homeowners

May 17, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Homeowners and credit-card users struggling with high levels of debt have a new, relatively inexpensive option for getting back on the right financial track: Debt settlement programs from, a premier provider of credit relief for regular people. National debt relief services from are appropriate for anyone who is consistently unable to make more than the minimum payments on their credit cards, who receives calls from hired debt collectors about past-due balances, or who is regularly denied credit for simple things like new credit cards and auto loans.

Unlike Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, which can be expensive and can damage consumer credit scores for years or even decades, debt settlement is affordable and easy to understand. National debt relief professionals, also known as "debt arbitrators," negotiate favorable settlements on outstanding credit card balances and other forms of debt for consumers whose debts are becoming unmanageable.

The debt settlement process ( is straightforward. The debt negotiator treats each bank or credit card company as a separate "account," negotiating a substantial reduction in the principal amount owed by the client and then bundling these separate accounts into one new, lower balance for the client to pay off with a lump sum payment or installment payments. Depending on the size of the settlement amount and the duration of the debt relief program, usually 24 to 48 months, the client will only be responsible for saving funds for the settlement. Assuming they save enough money in a settlement fund, clients are debt-free upon completion of the program.

The debt settlement professionals at have a proven track record of success, with some impressive individual settlements. One US Bank client who owed over $20,000 on a credit card account was able to settle for just over $5,000, or only 25 percent of the initial balance. A Chase credit card customer with $22,500 in outstanding debt settled for just 17 percent of their initial balance. Even notoriously-stingy Citibank has been known to settle for just 40 or 50 percent of original debts. provides national credit card debt relief plans ( for individuals struggling to pay their bills on time. Potential clients can fill out a short form on the site or call in during extended hours for a free debt analysis. Each debt resolution program is customized to the individual needs of clients, guaranteeing results with no upfront costs.