Take QR Codes to Another Level With QR Code Cell Phone Skins

May 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Phoenix Company Creates New Advertising Medium For Cell Phones

Phoenix, Arizona, May 18, 2012 - Anyone who has ever been caught without a brochure or business card while speaking with a prospective client has a new tool to ensure they always have their information handy. Android Shields has developed a way to place a company's QR (quick response) code onto a custom-made protective cell phone skin. Prospective clients can use their smartphone's camera to scan the code and gain immediate access to a Vcard (electronic business card), company website or the company's social network page on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Today's cell phones are more technologically advanced than ever, yet this has made them much more fragile. Highly durable forms of exterior protection like "skins" that cover the phone are necessary to prevent damage from falls, scratches and other symptoms of wear and tear. Android Shields makes custom-designed skins that provide companies with an effective and highly portable form of promoting their logo, products and services. The addition of QR codes to these custom skins allows them to quickly and easily meet the needs of potential customers demanding the latest information on products and services while protecting their investment in delicate technological devices.

The application of this technology has a broad potential impact, since over 50 percent of Americans use smartphones, according to a May2012 Neilsen research study. Any person with a cell phone that has a camera and internet access can use QR codes, once they load a free app into their phone. This technology also promotes green living, since companies who place this code on a custom-made skin save paper and allow clients to have the most up-to-date information without reprinting new cards or brochures. In addition, unlike paper mediums, information from QR codes cannot get lost or damaged.

About Android Shields-
Android Shields is a Phoenix, Arizona-based company created by three individuals with extensive experience in the cell phone industry. Android Shields uses advanced technology developed to protect helicopter blades to create custom QR code skins and social skins for cell phones, as well as iPads and clear protection for watch faces. The company's website address is http://androidshields.com