SEO Workers announces the launch of its new Responsive Web Design service

May 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SEO Workers has announced the addition of a new service, Responsive Web Design (RWD), to its full-service SEO offering. This allows a website to be properly displayed on virtually any size device, from large-format desktop monitors (2560 px) to iPhones (320 px).

John S. Britsios, CIO of SEO Workers, explains the need for responsive web design, saying, "When mobile devices were first used for browsing the Internet, viewing a typical website on a mobile device was a nightmare one that most users avoided.

Constant scrolling to read text, the inability to view an image in its entirety and the inability to take advantage of most interactive features made mobile browsing a very unpleasant and unproductive experience.

"But as smart-phones and tablets became more prevalent, many site owners, particularly those running ecommerce sites, realized they were missing out on a huge portion of the market, so they began looking for ways to resolve the issue. The most common technique initially used was to simply build a duplicate site, tailored specifically for display on mobile devices.

"Of course, with more and more mobiles and tablets of different sizes coming out every day, this wasn't an ideal situation, either. I've actually seen one large brand company that that three copies of their website, just to accommodate the majority of devices out there. That meant three times the cost in design and development, maintenance and in their instance, hosting."

SEO Workers set out to discover a better method of addressing this issue, and determined that the best solution was RWD. That allows the construction of just one website, and providing specific layout information to each individual device according to its display characteristics.

Britsios added, "We have long been advocates of making usability and accessibility a priority in web design, so we undertook a great deal of research and put a lot of effort into accommodating mobile displays as a means of improving the user experience. We're obviously very pleased that we've found a way to offer that capability to our clients, while improving their profitability in the process."

By eliminating the need for multiple websites, says Britsios, businesses can minimize numerous problems, not the least of which are the additional costs of development and maintenance of multiple sites. Changes and updates are also greatly simplified, ensuring that all users will see the same information, regardless of their device.

"Most RWD efforts," explained Britsios, "use HTML5+CSS3. But if the client desires, we can take it a step further and accomplish the same thing with validated XHTML+RDFa, which adds some very significant benefits. This addresses two of our other passions: a Semantic Web and progressive enhancement. The benefits for the client are amazing."

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