Windows Secure Surfer's Fake Spyware Scanner Attacks Computer Users Like a Shark

May 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Secure Surfer is in no way a viable alternative to using a trusted antimalware or antivirus program. PC users may take special notice to the colorful interface and menus belonging to Windows Secure Surfer. Many of the colors and design closely resembles Windows' security center or other popular and trusted antimalware programs on the market. The creators of Windows Secure Surfer purposely created Windows Secure Surfer to have this look only to eventually truck PC users out of money.

Windows Secure Surfer is also able to trick PC users by use of enticing pop-up warnings and system scans filled with phony security threat results. In a way, Windows Secure Surfer attempts to act just like a reputable security program for the PC. In the end, all it wants is for a user to pay for a registered version of Windows Secure Surfer, which fails at ridding a system of any type of malware.

Windows Secure Surfer can be compared to many other fake security programs such as the recently discovered Windows Pro Safety Release, Windows Sleek Performance and Windows Pro Solutions. The major difference in these fake security apps are their names.

As a clear visual representation, the video below is a quick outline of how these specific resources are used to safely detect and remove Windows Secure Surfer from a PC.

Removing Windows Secure Surfer is a difficult task to take on if a PC user is not armed with the necessary resources. Fortunately, trusted security outlets such as, has provided customized removal resources. The resources specific to Windows Secure Surfer, may be found on one of their latest removal reports.

Computer users, beginners and advanceds, may take use of the removal report's resources to safely remove Windows Secure Surfer in addition to other related malware from their system. Additionally, the newly released report may help PC users avoid future infections by relaying many other facts about malware in general.