Windows Pro Safety (Fake Antispyware) Proves to be Useless at Malware Removal

May 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Much like other recently discovered rogue antispyware programs, Windows Pro Safety uses aggressive techniques to ultimately swindle PC users out of money. Usually this task is very involved where Windows Pro Safety will render annoying alert messages and even pretend to conduct system scans. In the end, the results from Windows Pro Safety are fabricated only to gain the trust from PC users. These same users may end up purchasing a registered version of the Windows Pro Safety program hoping that it would alleviate the threats that Windows Pro Safety has supposedly detected on their system.

The security researchers at have taken notice specifically to other fake security programs that look almost identical to Windows Pro Safety. Many of these programs, such as Windows Advanced Security Center, Windows Pro Safety Release or Windows Secure Surfer, have an menu interface that is virtually identical to Windows Pro Safety in color and functions.

Windows Pro Safety Video -

Now knowing what exactly Windows Pro Safety is, the researchers at are able to release a removal report providing exclusive resource to assist with removal of Windows Pro Safety. Because Windows Pro Safety does not allow conventional uninstallation from the Windows control panel, these resources are necessary to safety removing the Windows Pro Safety program. The creators of Windows Pro Safety purposely created Windows Pro Safety to be difficult to remove.

Outlined in the Windows Pro Safety removal report at are a couple different ways to remove malware. One particular way is to manually seek out related files and registry entries. One way most common to novice computer users is utilizing specialized antimalware resources. Either way, PC users of all different backgrounds and experience are able to safely detect and remove Windows Pro Safety along with all related malware files from a particular Windows PC.