Windows Pro Safety Release (Rogue AntiSpyware) Makes a Mockery Out of Legit PC Security Programs

May 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Pro Safety Release is the ultimate tool for scammers who seek to earn a pay day at the expense of PC users who succumb to the scam-laden tricks of Windows Pro Safety Release. The tricks rendered by Windows Pro Safety Release consists mostly of bogus pop-up alert messages and system scans populated with erroneous malware threats.

A program such as Windows Pro Safety Release, might as well be put in the same category as computer viruses or other malware threats known for being a serious annoyance. The underlying functions of fake security programs such as Windows Pro Safety Release are known to repeat their actions until the program is completely eliminated. Purchasing a program like Windows Pro Safety Release will not alleviate any of the issues at hand. Instead, buying a so-called registered copy of Windows Pro Safety Release will only make things worse by putting credit card information in the hands of a hacker.

Windows Pro Safety Release has been found to be very similar to virtually identical to other recent fake security programs. Among these applications, such as Windows Pro Safety and Windows Private Shield, are some of the same colored menu interfaces and deceptive methods for tricking PC users. These programs should never be used for protection or removal of malware.

As a help to computer users who may have encountered the Windows Pro Safety Release program, a new removal report found on has been published. The new removal report, specific to assisting PC users with removing Windows Pro Safety Release from their system, provides several malware solutions and resources for all types of PC users. Novice and advanced users may utilize the Windows Pro Safety Release removal report.

PC users who may be unaware of how to safely remove Windows Pro Safety Release, should take the necessary precautions to safeguard their system from future infections. Fortunately, computer users are able to access the Windows Pro Safety Release removal report at