Ottawa Cosmetic Dentistry Experts Share Study Linking Gum Disease Care to Diabetes

May 27, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
OTTAWA, CANADA - Ottawa cosmetic dentistry specialists, Drs. David Bartos and Mark Northcott relay outcomes of a University of Pennsylvania study relating gum disease treatment to lowered medical costs for diabetes patients.

The three-year study from United Concordia Dental and Highmark, Inc. examined 1.7 million patients with United Concordia dental insurance Highmark medical insurance. Diabetics received treatment for periodontal disease and enjoyed an average $1,800 decrease in medical expenses.

University of Pennsylvania periodontics professor Dr. Marjorie K. Jeffcoat related the study results on March 23 at an American Association for Dental Research conference.

The study also showed participants needed less care when treated for periodontal disease. Diabetics saw a 13 percent decrease in doctors' visits and a 33 percent decrease in hospital visits.

Periodontal disease develops from plaque buildup. Plaque sticks to teeth and breeds bacteria. The bacteria and plaque irritate the gums, causing a mild form of gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis is reversible, but if not suppressed it advances to periodontal disease.

Trillium Dental treats patients with periodontal disease in their Ottawa offices. Laser treatment, gingival grafts, root planing and gingivectomies fight the progress of gum disease.

Diabetics are more susceptible to gum disease because they have impaired white blood cells, United Concordia reports. The Trillium team recognizes that diabetes and gum disease exacerbate each other. Gum disease hinders blood sugar regulation, and unregulated blood sugar breeds plaque. This relationship is detrimental to dental health and overall health.

The 9 million Canadian diabetics and 25 million American diabetics should heed these study results. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that diabetes affects twice as many people as in 1999.

Gum disease symptoms include bad breath, loose teeth, pain while eating, and irritated, sensitive or retreating gums. Patients should floss daily and brush twice daily to thwart gum disease. Dental visits will ensure that gum disease doesn't develop and intensify diabetes.

Trillium offers cosmetic dentistry procedures such as porcelain veneers, gum contouring and teeth whitening in Ottawa. Restorative dentistry improves smiles with crowns, root canals and dental implants. Invisalign providers at Trillium enjoy building lasting relationships with their patients.

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