Gold Rush 2013 Course by Preston Ely and Matt Wallace

May 30, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Today Preston Ely and Matt Wallace are launching their gold and silver buying course to the public.

If you are a fan of any of Preston Ely's courses like I am, you're surely going to LOVE this one.

Get all the details here.

Preston Ely is a real estate genius and marketing extraordinaire.

Matt Wallace is a full-time Gold/Silver investor and expert.

Together they created what I believe to be the most simplest, complete and in-dept way to profit from buying and selling gold to-date.

It's really Matt who does all the lessons, which is what you'd expect because he's the expert. He does a great job explaining the whole process from beginning to end. There are 6 modules or lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Why Gold Now?
  • Lesson 2: Testing, Weighing, Determining Value
  • Lesson 3: Marketing Secrets
  • Lesson 4: Flipping and Getting Paid
  • Lesson 5: Mistakes and Pitfalls
  • vLesson 6: Taking it to the Next Level
    so you get…

    *6-Module Video Training Course on "Flipping" Gold for Profit

    *7-Step Quick Start Guide

    *Instant Gold Buying Website

    *Gold Profit Maximizer App

    *Forms & Paperwork

    *Mentoring From One of America's Top Gold Buyers for One Year <— this is the reason I am buying the course!!!

    One of the biggest challenges with the Gold and Silver business is knowing the best places to go to find the gold and silver. You will learn how to find it in this course though.

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