Google Redirect Virus Continues to Redirect & Poison Web Search Results to Malicious Sites

May 30, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Google Redirect Virus remains to be a popular malware. Google Redirect Virus has affected computer users all around the world with its exploitation and audacious attack techniques. What Google Redirect Virus is known to do to computers is manipulate Internet search results, usually through Google, to promote clicks on dubious links.

Many of the web search results or links related to Google Redirect Virus are of malicious intent. Some of the links have been found to be part of phishing scams or even ones that promote and distribute fake security programs. In reports released by security firms, such as, several affiliated sites have been identified to be associated with Google Redirect Virus.

Google Redirect Virus has a large network of sites it forces the infected browser to redirect to unwanted sites that may lead to even more malware. Many of these sites, as outlined in the Google Redirect Virus removal report at, are loaded or rendered from hijacking a system's web browser. Usually this process is performed by Trojans or specialized scripts created by hackers.

Computers infected with Google Redirect Virus are susceptible to having other issues aside from redirection of Internet search results. Some of these issues include the population of malicious 'Temporary Internet' files within specific Windows directories. Sometimes these sites could port malware to modify certain system settings. Also, malware brought on by Google Redirect Virus can distribute and promote rogue anti-spyware programs likeWindows Defence Counsel, Windows Safety Maintenance, Windows Private Shield, Activate Ultimate Protection, Windows Guard Tools and more.

In all, Google Redirect Virus is a dangerous threat and an unmitigated nuisance. The aggravation alone from Google Redirect Virus is enough to warrant an immediate fix. In some rare cases, a quick-fix in the eye of novice computer users may be to utilize the first available security program link, which could be one of malicious intent instead of a legitimate service.

Google Redirect Virus is designed to cause massive confusion. Google Redirect Virus remains to be among a long list of aggressive malware that prevents normal usage of computer. Commonly, systems infected with Google Redirect Virus may limit surfing the Internet. In an effort to restore Internet access and normal operation of a system, Google Redirect Virus may be safely removed with the assistance of an updated antimalware program.