Windows Defence Counsel Gives False Advice & Leads PC Users to a Scam

June 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Defence Counsel, using a misspelling in its name, is more of an afterthought for hackers. The creators of Windows Defence Counsel are believed to have created many other fake security programs. Windows Defence Counsel is known for rendering horrendous alert messages and populating system scan results with imaginary results. Windows Defence Counsel may look to have the aptitude to protect a PC connected to the Internet from threats, but in reality Windows Defence Counsel is the actual threat.

The most deceptive part of Windows Defence Counsel is when it attempts to sell itself to PC users as a solution to removing the so-called detected threats. Usually Windows Defence Counsel will offer a registered copy for more than $60 in some cases. Paying for Windows Defence Counsel is like putting paper money through a shredder. In other words, you will never get your money back, and you may feel regret after learning what just took place.

PC users have reported having issues when it comes time to uninstall or remove Windows Defence Counsel from their system. Windows Defence Counsel was created to be almost impossible to remove so it has time to render its malicious scams on PC users. Simply utilizing the control panel's Add/Remove Programs feature to uninstall Windows Defence Counsel does not work. As a solution to this issue, the Windows Defence Counsel removal report on at is able to provide users with the necessary removal resources to safely detect and remove Windows Defence Counsel from their system.

Among the rogue antispyware programs, such as Windows Antivirus Rampart, Windows Pro Safety or Windows Private Shield, are various misleading interfaces that have the resemblance of legitimate antispyware or antimalware programs on the software market. In any instance, these programs are major failures at removing threats on a PC, in addition to providing help with detection of malware. It is highly advisable that Windows Defence Counsel and other similar rogue antipsyware programs never be used for the protection against malware. Using Windows Defence Counsel would put a PC at risk of corrupting the Windows Registry, ultimately causing a system to cease normal operation. In any circumstance, Windows Defence Counsel should be treated as malware and removed immediately.